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Fun 26 Dotted alphabet tracing worksheet

Fun 26 Dotted alphabet tracing worksheet

Fun 26 Dotted alphabet tracing worksheet
Fun 26 Dotted alphabet tracing worksheet

An alphabet tracing sheet is a helpful tool for children who are learning to write their letters. The sheets typically contain all the letters of the alphabet, each one presented in a capital and small alphabet with dotted lines around it. The child can then use a pencil or other writing utensil to trace over the dotted lines, following the shape of each letter.

Using an alphabet tracing sheet is a great way for children to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also helps them learn to recognize the shapes of each letter and the order in which they appear in the alphabet.


Letter A tracing sheet                    Letter B tracing sheet                   Letter C tracing sheet



Letter D tracing sheet                      Letter E tracing sheet                  Letter F tracing sheet



Letter G tracing sheet                    Letter H tracing sheet                    Letter I tracing sheet

When introducing an alphabet tracing sheet to a child, it’s important to start with the basics. Begin with just a few letters at a time, and make sure the child is comfortable tracing over the dotted lines before moving on to more letters. You can also encourage the child to say the name of each letter out loud as they trace it, which can help them remember the letter more easily.


Letter J tracing sheet                   Letter K tracing sheet                   Letter L tracing sheet



Letter M tracing sheet                    Letter N tracing sheet                    Letter O tracing sheet


Letter P tracing sheet                     Letter Q tracing sheet                   Letter R tracing sheet

As the child becomes more comfortable with tracing letters, you can gradually increase the difficulty of the sheet. You might add more letters at a time, or switch to a smaller font size. You can also try having the child trace the letters with a different colored pencil or marker to make it more fun and engaging.


Letter S tracing sheet                      Letter T tracing sheet                     Letter U tracing sheet


Letter V tracing sheet                  Letter W tracing sheet                     Letter X tracing sheet


Letter Y tracing sheet                    Letter Z tracing sheet


Once your kid is comfortable with all the letters you can then start introducing them to words and letter recognition activities. Check out for a more complex level learning printable Free downloadable A-Z printable sheet 

Overall, an alphabet tracing sheet is a great tool for helping children learn to write their letters. By starting with the basics and gradually increasing the difficulty, you can help your child develop the skills they need to become confident writers.

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